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Chiropractic is the most popular form of natural, holistic health care in the world. Having more than 4,500 hours of graduate education, Doctors of Chiropractic are primary care providers who specialize in the care of the human spine and nervous system. Based on scientific knowledge that the central nervous system is responsible for controlling and coordinating all functions of the human body, chiropractors look to subluxations or misalignments of spinal bones as a source of interference to proper nerve function, hindering the inborn, natural ability of your body to self-regulate and self-heal. Chiropractors correct subluxations by providing adjustments (realigning the mal-positioned vertebrae), restoring function to the spine, and removing interference to the spinal nerve and central nervous system. Having always been committed to wellness lifestyles, chiropractors are leading the wellness revolution with a focus on the natural, effective ways to support your body’s ability to adapt and heal itself.

Chiropractic Wellness Center, Inc.

It is our pleasure to provide you and your family with chiropractic care, help educate you about how your body heals, and provide you with the wellness resources to live a healthier, happier life!  Dr. Shelly provides fullspine chiropractic care with a comfortable approach, using Thompson, Ungerank, and Activator techniques.   With the ability and ease to care for patients of all sizes and ages, as well as the opportunity to use portable equipment and provide on-site chiropractic care for businesses, residential communities, athletic teams, and groups, our office provides an innovative, effective and efficient service to meet your health-care needs.   In addition to chiropractic, we offer therapeutic massage with licensed massage therapists, a variety of products for purchase, and referrals for nutritionists and other professionals to support your Wellness Lifestyle choices.

VOTED BEST CHIROPRACTOR 2017!  Thank you, Columbia!


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